PRESS RELEASE: Announcing FREE developer accounts with free historical, future and present data usage

By Szymon Dukla on 06/24/2019 | Release date: 06/19/2019

Today at the Event, announced immediate availability of Free Developer Plans, enabling businesses and developers to properly test their applications and implementation of Holiday API with live data with at no cost and upgrade when their software turns into production-ready.

“We believe this will be an earthquake in the industry of observance and public holidays APIs as we’re breaking the ice and industry standards of limiting free accounts to historical data only. We want to be different, so we open up our gates and welcome all businesses and developers to try our service, using live data.” said Szymon Dukla, Founder at

Positive Customer Impact

Many customers have already benefited from closed beta of Free Developer Plans. One of our biggest customers, an aerospace and defense company, recently committed to deploying Free Developer Plans across whole Development Team working on a new product implementing service.

“This is a deal breaker. You won’t be able to find any other free plan allowing you to use present or future data in development on the market.,” said CTO of the referred company.

Free Developer Plans Availability

Free Developer Plans is an update driven by customer feedback and is part of’s commitment to deliver the most accurate and developer-friendly holiday and observance API service and constantly upgrading offered quality of both user experience and data.

Founded in 2018, is the worldwide leader in public holiday and observance data-as-a-service API market serving over 12m requests every month to 10,000+ customers worldwide. The company offers a wide spectrum of pricing plans and offered allowance as well as no requests per minute / hour / day throttling  to help businesses worldwide offer better services to their customers and employees worldwide

About Festivo

With over 10,000 private users and companies using its services, Festivo is a global leader of observance and public holiday data-as-a-service APIs sector offering its services to defense, media, marketing, shipment, e-commerce, production, aviation and automotive companies all over the world. With support for 8,000+ holidays across over 100 countries in their native language, hassle-free implementation, wide choice of SDKs and programming languages, totally free, not limited to historical data Developer Plan and fair prices offers the best quality-to-price ratio on the market.

Serving 10 million requests per month to 10,000+ developers and businesses.

Our end-to-end platform offers the most comprehensive holiday, observance and working days dataset gaining trust of world class organizations and developers

Festivo is making software better.

Yours could be one of them.