PRESS RELEASE: Holiday API announces pivoting into a paid service

By Szymon Dukla on 06/21/2019 | Release date: 05/19/2019

During last 9 months Holiday API was kept as 100% free to use API to everyone, without any usage limit, including commercial usage, but also with no frequency limiting, meaning everyone could simply access the API, read it's documentation and start using it, not worrying about opening an account, using proper API keys and keeping an eye on usage limits until end of the month, but what's most important, developers haven't had to ask their project managers to buy subscription to use it. And that was completely fine. We were amazed how much our users appreciate this service and how many companies and freelancers - big, medium, small - were using our service in their projects, and we were proud of it, even though the service was abused from time to time by enormous amount of requests, possibly effect of scrapping whole offered data.

Unfortunately, with greater usage comes greater maintenance, both in cost and time. So in October 2018 we have introduced optional donation via, so easy click, enter amount, pay and help us enjoy a pizza while maintaining this service. The banner informing visitors about it was hang high so everyone would see it. However, up to the date of writing this statement (end of May 2019) we have registered a round number of 0 donations. This, along with rising cost of maintenance and switching to a better infrastructure in March that will help us to handle the whole traffic we are getting, forced us to introduce paid subscription, cheapest one at $3.33/month.

However, as we do continue our mission to support educational institutions, so if you are a representative of one, please give us a shout and we'll manage a custom plan for you.

We hope you will still be using our API as we tried to be the most competitive in terms of pricing among (very few) options on the market.

About Festivo

With over 10,000 private users and companies using its services, Festivo is a global leader of observance and public holiday data-as-a-service APIs sector offering its services to defense, media, marketing, shipment, e-commerce, production, aviation and automotive companies all over the world. With support for 8,000+ holidays across over 100 countries in their native language, hassle-free implementation, wide choice of SDKs and programming languages, totally free, not limited to historical data Developer Plan and fair prices offers the best quality-to-price ratio on the market.

Serving 10 million requests per month to 10,000+ developers and businesses.

Our end-to-end platform offers the most comprehensive holiday, observance and working days dataset gaining trust of world class organizations and developers

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